Coronavirus: updated 30th April

With challenges like there being no ventilators in the Upper East Region of Ghana, we’ve been working hard to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Because we’re a small charity, we’ve been able to quickly adapt how and where we work. This means our projects have changed focus since the COVID-19 outbreak so that we can help where it’s most needed.

What help is needed?

Cases of COVID-19 are still fairly low in Ghana and increasing at about 100 new cases a day. But as there’s a shortage of ventilators, PPE and as not everyone has access to handwashing facilities, it’s important we’re proactive in helping people to stop the spread of the virus.

The government in Ghana has been putting out information such as dos and don’ts for washing hands and other public health messages, but efforts have been largely concentrated in Accra, Ghana’s capital city, where most cases have been recorded. These messages are yet to reach many parts of the rural north, so AfriKids is playing a vital role filling that gap and making sure people learn about COVID-19 and how to prevent its spread

How is AfriKids helping?

We’ve been working closely with the Ghana Information Service, the Ghana Health Service and the Ghana Education Service to translate the public health information which includes posters and jingles in local languages.

Headteachers, traditional chiefs and other influential people across the districts we work in have told us where our support is most needed. So, in those spots we’ve put up posters and have got our PA systems playing the jingles on trucks and our team have been driving them around in those areas.

And we have started running handwashing demonstrations across four districts so far using Veronica Buckets, which are used to wash hands when there’s no running water available.

The AfriKids Medical Centre

At the AfriKids Medical Centre, we’re pleased there are still no confirmed cases of COVID-19.

We’ve added a handwashing station and temperature checks outside the centre, to help to minimise risk. All of the staff have now had specific training in dealing with COVID-19 and a local pharmaceutical company has given us some disinfectant. While in the UK, The Stephenson Group and Soapwork have kindly donated 25,000 bars of soap which are on their way

We’ll keep reviewing and adapting to what is most needed and how we can best help during this difficult time.

Keep well, from the AfriKids team.

Can you help us save more lives? Visit our COVID-19 appeal for details on how to donate

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