AfriKids UK working reduced hours 

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But the team in Ghana are still there saving lives.

COVID-19 has reached Northern Ghana. 

Where 1 in 15 children already die before their 5th birthday,  

Where there is a lack of public health education, 

Where for many families, no running water means washing your hands isn’t as simple as it sounds, 

And where personal protection equipment is in desperately short supply,  

AfriKids local staff are on the frontline protecting children and their families. 

Veronica Bucket

Invented in Ghana and used where no running water is available.

We exist to help keep vulnerable children healthy, safe and in school. We won’t let this disease change that, even if for the time-being “in school” means helping children study at home 

Because we are small, agile and local we can react quickly to events on the groundRight now, our staff and volunteers are doing everything they can to protect local communities from COVID-19 

It’s an extra challenge but one they are determined to face. 

But they need your help.  

Please make a donation* of whatever you can afford to help us keep vulnerable children healthy, safe and in school


 *This is a changing situation so all donations raised will be allocated to our general funds and spent as needed, whether that be on personal protection equipment, medical supplies, health messaging or elsewhere . 

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