Running a 10k your way

The runners are at their marks, ready to set off on their 10k run for AfriKids. They lace up their shoes, give their legs one last stretch and then they're off! But this is no ordinary race. The runners are all in different places, spread out across countries and continents. The starting line is wherever they are and the route takes them wherever they wish to go: through city streets and quiet seaside villages, on treadmills in their homes or round and round their back garden. This is the AfriKids 10k your way challenge, a social distancing-friendly running challenge that you can take while staying home.

Here, 10k your way runners talk about their experience:

"Being active is a great stress relief for me, a way to take care of my mental health as well as my physical health. I want to make sure that while I'm social distancing and following the necessary precautions to avoid COVID-19, I'm still getting exercise. 

The AfriKids 10k your way challenge has been great for me because it's completely up to me how and when I do it. I've been doing 2 kilometers at a time as I prefer medium distance runs. Working from home keeps me quite busy throughout the day, so I like to take my runs in the evening to help me reset. It's nice that I can work it around my schedule like that." -Joe, Norfolk UK

"My husband and I signed up together as a 'relay team', splitting the distance and the fundraising between us. We've just gotten started and so far it's been a really fun project to do together with our family. We've even gotten our dogs in on it!"

"Sometimes we take jogs around the neighborhood and other times we take turns on our treadmill. We've been looking for new hobbies to take up together, and though running isn't our usual pastime, raising money for AfriKids is a great reason for us to get into it.  It's an opportunity for us to do good for ourselves while in self-isolation, and do good for our global community by raising funds." -Jodie, Indiana, USA

Wherever you are, no matter your schedule or fitness levels, you can take the 10k your way challenge. Click below to get started.


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