Welcome to Binduri

You are in far north Ghana now, just an hour from the border with Burkina Faso. The savannah landscape is dotted with baobab and dawadawa trees and you’ll often find women singing and dancing together under the shade of their leaves.

Binduri is a gateway to the north of Africa and these dirt tracks are popular routes for smugglers, transporting goods illegally over the border. Many people here will know a child who has been exploited for smuggling as they are less likely to be stopped.

Recently, communities here have been sandwiched between two conflicts: the longstanding local Chieftaincy disputes in neighbouring district, Bawku, and extremist groups who have carried out violent attacks in nearby Burkina Faso. Thousands of refugees have fled over the border to seek asylum and Binduri’s residents have welcomed them and shared the little resources they have with them. With so many families facing poverty, it is critical that quality education is available to children to prevent them becoming child soldiers or the conflict worsening.


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Threats facing children in these communities


  • 71% of people live in poverty.*
  • Almost one third of the labour force is unemployed (28%). For comparison, the UK unemployment rate is 4.3%.

*in northern Ghana. Multidimensional poverty which also incorporates non-monetary measures.


  • Nearly 1 in 2 people aged 6 years and older have never been to school (45%).
  • Two thirds of people aged 6 and older are illiterate (62%).

Child protection

  • 94% of children experience violence at home or school.
  • Children are being exploited for illegal smuggling and almost half (46%) of all 5-17 year olds are engaged in child labour*.

*In northern Ghana.


  • 1 in 15 children die before their 5th birthday*
  • During the dry season, families are drinking from the same water as their livestock causing widespread disease.

*In northern Ghana.

The difference you'll make

Today, two in three families in northern Ghana are living in poverty. As a result, 1 in 15 children are dying before their fifth birthday and families are being forced to send their children into child marriage and child labour - at the cost of their safety and education.

Change is possible.

And it starts in the community.

Over the next three years, your support will enable a community to keep all their children healthy, safe and in school.



Sponsor a community in Binduri

Your sponsorship will help:
  • 440 children to be safe and in quality education.
  • 150 mothers to be supported to earn a stable income.
  • 20 teachers and healthcare workers to be trained to deliver quality education and medical care.
  • 2,900 family and community members to have brighter futures.

* These numbers may vary as communities differ in size.

Ensure Means

You will help women earn a stable income so they can afford food, medicine, and education. Skills training and microfinance will enable them to start a business and provide for their family themselves – forever.

Build Motive

Through community events, radio discussions and Child Rights Clubs you will create Child Champion communities that value and protect the rights of all children. You will empower children with the knowledge and confidence to fight for their rights and say no to harm.

Create Opportunity

You will improve access to and quality of education, child protection and health services to ensure all children can be healthy, safe and learn. We will train teachers and healthcare workers, provide schools and health centres with innovative resources, and strengthen accountability to protect all children from harm and abuse.

Why AfriKids?

What our supporters say

If, like me, you have ever wondered whether it is worth giving to charities when you read in the press about missing supplies, misdirected aid budgets and the squandering of well-intentioned donations then look to AfriKids and reconsider.

Iain, Supporter

They really are different to any other community organisation I have ever come across... They are more like a movement than a charity, as the vast majority of their workforce is actually local.  

Dan Salmons, Barclaycard

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