Why you should challenge yourself in 2020

Can you believe we’re nearly one month into 2020 already? Just weeks ago we were counting down the final moments of 2019 and making resolutions for self-improvement in the year to come.

If improving your health and fitness is among your goals for this year, why not help others in the process? By taking on a challenge event for AfriKids, you can help keep children in northern Ghana healthy, safe and in school all while working toward your personal health and wellness goals.

Here’s why you should challenge yourself for charity in 2020:

It increases your motivation

Many of us start the year feeling determined and energised to reach our New Year’s goals. Taking on a challenge for a cause you care about is a great way to keep that feeling present throughout the rest of the year also as it gives you more reason to stick to your training and follow through on your goals. Here’s what a member of our #StridesForKids running team had to say about his preparation for the Vitality 10k in May:

“Last year I did my first 10k run for charity and had a wonderful experience. I knew I wanted to take on more challenge events in 2020, so I set that as a New Year’s goal for myself. I wanted to do something that would boost my health and fitness while helping a cause I care about. I chose to join AfriKids’ #StridesForKids running team because I’m passionate about children’s rights. I would highly recommend challenges for anyone wishing to improve their health and fitness this year. It motivates me to know that I’m not just running for myself, but for a cause that really matters.”

It makes your goal measurable

“Getting fit” or “being healthier” can be difficult targets to measure. Creating a measurable target for your fitness such as running a 10k or cycling 100 miles helps you keep track of your progress and gives you a sense of accomplishment once you’ve reached it.

It’s fun

Imagine running through the streets of London, past the city’s most iconic landmarks as live bands and DJs blast energising music. When you sign up for the ASICS London 10k, you’ll get to do just that! Have you ever wanted to hop on your bike, cycle through the beautiful Surrey countryside and into exciting London on a Sunday morning? Consider joining our #BreakTheCycle team at the Ride London-Surrey 100 event. These are experiences you’ll remember for years to come.

Not into running and cycling? The opportunities don’t end there. You could do a trek like our partner, Alpha FMC did, or do the Great North Swim like Sally and Jess. Last year we even had someone take a skydiving challenge for us!

Check out our list of upcoming events here or email to learn more.

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