Coronavirus: latest update 30th March

Following further public restrictions in Ghana, many people have moved away from the country’s capital, Accra, and southern regions, where most of the country’s 152 confirmed cases have been concentrated. There are now 10 cases confirmed in northern Ghana, though lack of diagnosis infrastructure in the more rural and sparse north may mean this number is underestimated.

AfriKids Ghana are now playing an active and crucial role in prevention efforts in northern Ghana, working hard to spread public awareness and guidance on how to stay safe. This of course means that we need to increase protective measures for all staff.

Ghana Health Service has helpfully supplied us with some Personal Protective Equipment (PPE - gloves, masks, etc.) but we desperately need more, as well as supplies to help with hand washing and hygiene (soap, buckets, etc.) in areas where most families don’t have running water at home and these guidelines are more difficult to adhere to. We also need these supplies, which are of course in short supply worldwide, for the AfriKids Medical Centre, which may find itself on the frontline of this fight. We would love to hear from anyone who may have contacts or be able to help us procure these items in Ghana – please email or call 02072690740 if you think you can help.

We now have some information on how you can support us without leaving home -just go to  We hope to add more ideas, so do get in touch if you have something to share!

Thank you so much for your continued support.

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