The launch of the World Education Forum 2015


This morning the World Education Forum 2015 launched in Incheon, Korea, the forum will focus on rights, equity, inclusion, quality and lifelong learning in education. With the world’s eyes on Education we wanted to show why this subject is at the forefront of our work.


AfriKids recognise that in giving a child access to education we can dramatically change the quality of their childhood and make a fundamental difference to their futures.


In the Upper East Region 37% of people live in households in which no one has completed 5 years of schooling, compared to just 4% in Greater Accra (Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative’s Multidimensional Poverty Index 2013). Whilst the Ghanaian government supports Free Compulsory Universal Basic Education the UER continues to lag behind national averages due to barriers at every level; individual, community and government. AfriKids work to address the gulf between government educational policy and the reality of the educational system and we must therefore address education at multiple levels.


We strive to provide the most vulnerable children with access to education through projects such as our School of Night Rabbits, which supports children living and working on the streets of Bolgatanga. The goal is to give children living on the streets the chance to access quality education for free on their own terms, whilst also being provided with emotional support and where necessary a place to sleep. We also work with existing schools aiming to improve their systems and quality of education via projects such as Let’s Read. This program focusses on making a significant improvement in literacy at ten primary schools across the region, by providing teachers with phonics training and support.


AfriKids understands that it is important to address community attitudes as well as providing quality education. We therefore work at a community level to build communities’ capacity to provide for their children’s education. Our new Opening the Doors to Schools programme plans to increase the enrolment level at 60 schools by working with parents, child rights club patrons, head teachers , women’s groups and traditional leaders.


In tackling education at multiple levels we believe that AfriKids has the best opportunity to create sustainable change in northern Ghana.


Transforming lives through education is at the heart of AfriKids’ mission to find out more, or to talk about how your school or office can get involved, please contact the team on E: T: +44 (0) 207 269 0740

Meet Mary, an unsung hero in The Talensi Nabdam Area Programme


Mary Kolog volunteers for the Talensi Nabdam Area Programme (TNAP); she promotes children’s right to education amongst families in her community. She also provides one-to-one support to families to help ensure their children can enrol and stay in school. A respected local advocate of child rights, people like Mary have a huge impact in advancing child rights in northern Ghana.


Mary lives in the district of Talensi Nabdam – an area in which many people make a living employed in hazardous gold mining.   AfriKids’ work in this district has had a huge impact on the lives of local people, particularly children who live here.


  • In 2007, AfriKids began working with 650 identified child miners
  • In 2013, a further 189 children were supported to leave mining

Before AfriKids started working here the district had no state provisions as transitional mining communities were not recognised by the government.  By  lobbying the government for services, setting up child rights clubs and building community capacity, vital educational infrastructure now exists in Talensi Nabdam.  As at 2014, over  19,000 children, families and schools had benefitted from TNAP area programme.


Women like Mary play a vital part in helping the poorest of families understand how they can save a small amount of money regularly, she supports families to do this and  helps parents understand the importance of educating their children.


Global Development Course to be held at AfriKids’ office


AfriKids is proud to be hosting the Global Development Course at our London offices next month. The course, run by Ethical Events, has been attended by several of our staff and comes highly recommended for anyone working in, studying or just interested in international development. The intensive 2 week course covers a huge range of subjects including sustainable development, human security, health, education, finance in development and much more, presented by a range of expert speakers including university lecturers and industry professionals.


For more details, please see their website: or contact the course administrator, Marja, at

Blue Sky Travel is Launched!


We’re happy to announce that AfriKids’ newest social enterprise, AfriKids Blue Sky Travel Ltd. (BST) is ready for take-off!


Uniting guests with Ghana’s beautiful Upper East and Northern Regions, BST promotes responsible travel in Ghana through a range of immersive, experiential learning trips which benefit both host communities and guests, as well as unique tours and treks which bring to life the rich local culture and heritage for travellers.


The culmination of over ten years of trip management and hosting in Ghana, BST, now its own separately registered company, captures AfriKids’ wealth of industry experience, combining everything is has learnt with a unique model of immersive travel which celebrates all that this overlooked corner of Africa has to offer. In addition, BST is also a reliable logistics company, providing domestic flight, accommodation and transport booking services throughout Ghana.


So how do AfriKids and BST work together? Separately registered entities, AfriKids owns BST and outsources all of its donor and supporter trips to it, whilst BST also works closely with AfriKids in order that it can offer educational insight into international development, in a meaningful and responsible way. This is a unique enterprise/NGO partnership with a commitment to transforming the socio-economic environment of Ghana’s Upper East Region. 100% of the profits from BST fund AfriKids Ghana’s operations in-country.


If you have ever considered visiting Ghana or would be interested in learning more about our work and international development, check out our new website and learn more about the trips we have on offer, or get in touch:, +44 (0) 207 269 0750.

Live Below The Line – “Why I’ve signed up again”

AfriKids’ Head of Campaigns, Liam Nolan, write about why he’s signed up to this year’s Live Below The Line campaign and why you should too…



As the coordinator for AfriKids’ Live Below The Line efforts, it’s my job is to encourage people to take part in the challenge. It hardly seems fair to do so without signing up myself, so here I am.


I’m taking part in Live Below The Line because of what last year’s challenge taught me:


1. This is not about me

Yes, I have my own fundraising  page and it will be me taking part, but I won’t be asking for funds in recognition of my efforts. Me taking part in Live Below The Line is a way to highlight the fact that my five-day ‘challenge’ is one unwilling taken every single day of the year for 1.2 billion people world wide. This is not about me.


2. People are very generous

Friends, family and strangers all got behind my efforts and I raised over £300 last year. AfriKids is an organisation doing amazing work – I know this because I work for them in the UK and hear on a daily basis of the lives changed by my colleagues in Ghana. If I can do something personally that helps tap into people’s generosity, then I’ll give it a shot.


3. £5 does not go far

It really doesn’t. For me, a £3 supermarket sandwich deal is what I’d usually consider a cheap lunch. Trying to live off £5 for five full day’s worth of food gave me a real perspective of what ‘cheap’ means and what luxury I live my life in for the other 360 days in the year. Remembering that £5 does not go far is a cold hard reminder that – sorry for the repetition – this is not about me. 1.2 billion people worldwide face this daily.


Join me and sign up to Live Below The Line here