UK OFFICE: +44(0)207 269 0740

UK Reg. Charity no: 1141028 Ghana Reg. Charity no: DSW/3024
Registered in The Netherlands. Tax no: 8238.13.289

AfriKids is an internationally award-winning

child rights and community development organisation
working in northern Ghana to alleviate child suffering and poverty

"If, like me, you have ever wondered whether it is worth giving to charities when you read in the press about missing supplies, misdirected aid budgets and the squandering of well-intentioned donations, then look to AfriKids and reconsider."


Iain, supporter

Our philosophy is simple:

to what a community knows they need

them to make the necessary changes themselves

any change that is made without dependence on aid


"I support the work of AfriKids because it counters the image so many have of the continent"


George Alagiah, BBC journalist

What sets us apart:

integrated, holistic solutions

working with everyone it takes, across all of the issues involved


dedicating real and relevant investments in one region for fundamental and lasting change


supporting solutions designed and delivered by people who face the challenges themselves


providing a temporary helping hand when it's needed, never promoting dependence


"I believe history will judge AfriKids as one of the few charities who manage to answer the million dollar question; how can we make aid work for Africa? The way they give in Ghana seems to me as the ultimate upgrade of aid in Africa."



Sorious Samura, BAFTA and Emmy Award-winning journalist