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UK Reg. Charity no: 1141028 Ghana Reg. Charity no: DSW/3024
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AfriKids is a child rights organisation working in northern Ghana to alleviate child suffering and poverty

  • Listen

    to what the community knows it needs

  • Empower

    them to make the necessary changes themselves

  • Sustain

    Ensure absolute sustainability

I believe history will judge AfriKids as one of the few charities who manage to answer the million dollar question; how can we make aid work for Africa? The way they give in Ghana seems to me as the ultimate upgrade of aid in Africa.
Sorious Samura, BAFTA and Emmy Award winning journalist
Personally, I feel really privileged to be a little involved in something that I think is genuinely transformational for Ghana, and potentially a model for perhaps how all aid will one day be conducted: locally lead, effective, and sustainable.
Dan Salmons, CEO, ?Whatif!
I support the work of AfriKids because it counters the image so many have of the continent. As I say in my book, this is not the victim-Africa you see on the television news. It is not the beggar-Africa you are asked to help in endless emergency appeals or the corrupt-Africa you run into when you try to do business there. Too often we only see Africa's demons and disasters. But for every victim, someone, somewhere pulls through against the odds - little victories in remote places.
George Alagiah, BBC World News anchor and award-winning correspondent

Operation Mango Tree

The goal of Operation Mango Tree is to give the most disadvantaged and vulnerable children in greater Bolgatanga’s community a new start in life. Be it from increasing their a...

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Operation Bolgatanga

The goal of Operation Bolgatanga is to promote human and social development of vulnerable children, especially street children and other young people at risk in Bolgatanga, by prov...

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We close in

Our UK office plans to close in 2018 as AfriKids Ghana becomes completely self sufficient.
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