The need for our Health work

In the Upper East Region there is just 1 doctor for every 35,000 patients

1 in 14 children die before their fifth birthday

Only 16% of adults are registered on the National Health Insurance Scheme

Our Health Goal

To ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for child development

What we do in Health


Increase the number of children who can access primary healthcare free of charge through the National Health Insurance Scheme


Improve the quality of primary healthcare facilities and services for children and families 

Extra needs

Improve the quality of life for children living with disabilities or extra healthcare needs and their families 

Health advocacy

Increase the number families of people that understand and follow good health and well-being practices impacting children, including ante/ post-natal care, paediatric health, water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) and sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR)

How lives have changed

Miracle by name, miracle by nature

A simple procedure after birth is all it takes to treat a child born with a small hole in their heart. But in Ghana's remote Upper East Region, qualified health professionals needed to carry this out are rare. For little Miracle, the situation was life threatening.

Her parents put everything into getting her to a hospital in the captial, Accra, but an extensive waiting list meant it wasn't looking positive.

An introduction to AfriKids Ghana Director, Nich, was a beacon of hope for the family and an immediate appeal was launched to raise funds for Miracle to have the surgery elsewhere. The procedure is only effective if carried out before six months and the time was drawing closer. With a public call for support, Nich and the team pulled through and Miracle was rushed to India for the surgery.

Returning to Ghana in full health, the team have been proud to see Miracle grow up and there were big celebrations for her first day at school!

A vital partnership

The GAS Partnership is a unique healthlink between the Ghana Health Services, AfriKids and Southampton University Hospitals Foundation NHS Trust.

Medical professionals from Ghana and the UK benefit from sharing skills across teams, supporting their professional development in five speciality areas: imaging and diagnotics, paediatrics, anasthaesia and surgery, maternal health and estates planning and management. 

Midwives, paediatricians and surgeons from the UK spend time with local teams in country, sharing knowledge and ideas. The focus for the partnership is to support the Ghana Health Service to strength healthcare systems in northern Ghana, whilst also helping professionals from the UK to enhance their skills to provide better care for their own patients. 

As well as this, sourcing key equipment which is needed is another side of this work. Two, much-needed ambulances were driven out from Southampton to Bolgatanga in 2015 where they're used at the AfriKids Medical Centre.

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