Urgent Appeal: Empower Her

Right now, a child pregnancy is being recorded in Ghana
every 5 minutes

Since the pandemic hit, 110,000 child pregnancies have been recorded in Ghana, some as young as 12 years old.

Girls are losing their childhoods and futures.

And we’re all losing a generation of girls’ potential and decades of progress made breaking cycles of poverty.

We urgently need your help to stop this.

Donate before midnight 31st December and your donation will be DOUBLED by our generous match funders*.


could provide refresher training to a midwife to improve mother and child health services


could support six girls to attend a Child Rights Club to learn about their rights and how to stand up for them


could empower a rural family to grow a small family business to keep their children healthy, safe and in school

The problem

While official numbers of Covid-19 cases in Ghana have been relatively low, the disruption caused by the pandemic has been devastating for the majority of families here who already live in poverty.

Restrictions on the movement of goods and people meant fewer opportunities to earn a living, and sharp rises in the cost of food and basic supplies.

With schools closed and facing severe financial hardship, many families have struggled to keep their children healthy and safe, and we have sadly seen a rise in cases of child neglect, abuse and exploitation.

Ghana Health Service has reported more than 110,000 girls have fallen pregnant since the start of the pandemic. That’s 13 girls every hour and more people than Wembley Stadium can hold.

In parts of northern Ghana, pregnancy in 10-14 year old girls has increased by 38%.

Not only do these figures point to an increase in child abuse, but under-age mothers and their children are far more likely to suffer health complications and die young.

With your support we can help stop this.


"Covid made it difficult for us, especially girls. Some of my classmates got pregnant, some dropped out of school, and some were forced into marriage. Help support more girls to return to school, to learn their rights and responsibilities and have a brighter future."  

Zuweira, a student. 

How we'll help fix it

Ensuring Means

Living in poverty can make it impossible for families to keep their children healthy, safe and in school, even when they want the best for them. We help families in rural communities grow small businesses to lift themselves out of poverty and give their children happier childhoods and brighter futures.

Building Motive

Sustainable change can only happen with community support and understanding. We work with children, parents, community members, traditional leaders and authorities to build understanding and support for every child’s right to be healthy, safe and in school.

Creating Opportunity

Working with local education, child protection and health providers, we ensure that even the most vulnerable children have access to quality services and the support they need to thrive.

* Up to £25,000

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