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UK Reg. Charity no: 1141028 Ghana Reg. Charity no: DSW/3024
Registered in The Netherlands. Tax no: 8238.13.289

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Northern Ghana after the rainy season
Northern Ghana after the rainy season

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About Us


UK Registered Charity Number: 1141028

Ghana Registered Charity Number: DSW/3024

AfriKids is a Child Rights organisation working to improve life for Ghana’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged children.


  • Listen to what the community knows it needs

  • Empower them to make the necessary changes themselves

  • Ensure absolute sustainability


Our work ranges from the more traditional children’s projects including foster homes, schools and street child centres to more groundbreaking initiatives which tackle complex cultural issues including child trafficking, child labour and the spirit child phenomenon.


Rather than spreading our work across a continent or focusing on a single ‘headline’ issue, AfriKids has invested time and resources in making real and fundamental change to the society and economy of one region. By doing this AfriKids has uncovered the extraordinary passion and ability of the local people there and is achieving something unique; genuine sustainability. 

As well financing and delivering sustainable child rights projects, AfriKids Ghana owns and runs a number of social enterprises – businesses which generate profits while adding social value in their local communities.

These business sit under AfriKids’ financial sustainability strategy, and intend to generate funding for AfriKids Ghana’s charitable operations. As well as driving jobs and money into the economy, this income generation will enable AfriKids Ghana to operate without dependence on, or compromise for, hand-outs. When this happens, AfriKids’ fundraising services in the UK will become redundant and the UK fundraising office will close down.