About Time to Shine

Every day poverty is pulling children out of school and away from a secure future. Each one is a set back to us all achieving a world without poverty. 

From 3 December 2018 to 3 March 2019,  the Time to Shine appeal raised funds from the UK public to support more children to complete their education. The generosity of supporters was matched, pound for pound, by the UK government.

The problem

Every child has the right to an education that will unlock their potential and give them their time to shine. Yet 263 million children worldwide are not in school and in Ghana, poverty is forcing thousands of the poorest children out of school. More than half of the children who start primary school here don’t complete their basic education.

Ghana’s poorest families live on less than £1.50 a day, putting huge pressure on everyone to help make ends meet. Often children miss out on school because they’re desperately needed to work or because the cost of school uniforms and books are completely unaffordable. Most of the poorest parents missed out on school themselves and with each new generation that is held back, children and their communities are pushed further away from light at the end of the tunnel – from the chance to escape poverty for good.

How AfriKids is helping

A quality education ignites a child’s potential and gives them their time to shine. With a good education, they can secure their future, realise their dreams and help lead their community out of poverty, for good.

Every £1 we invest in teacher training, improving schools and helping families ensure every child gets an education unlocks £10 in new earnings, created by the skills and value every child can bring to society in later life. £29 is enough to build a parent-teacher partnership that is essential to ensuring no child is left behind. A future without poverty starts with educating every child for their chance to shine.

Long term benefits

Educating every child is the most effective way to end poverty for good. By helping to ensure every child completes a basic education, AfriKids is empowering them to lay the foundations of a bright, secure future not just for them and their family but an entire community. Furthermore, their own children are far more likely to go to school too and continue to build on these foundations.

 AfriKids has supported thousands of children to complete their education when they might otherwise have been forced out by poverty. Schools AfriKids has worked are now recording rates of up to 100% of children completing their basic education.

How support is changing lives

Together we can give more children their time to shine by ensuring their education is not held back by poverty.

Funds raised through the appeal will help train teachers, improve schools and empower families to ensure more children complete a quality education, setting them on a path to a secure and bright future.

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