About UK Aid Match

Between 3 December 2018 and 3 March 2019, all public donations to AfriKids' Time to Shine appeal were doubled by the UK Government through UK Aid Match.

Find out more about how this works below.

What is UK Aid Match?

UK Aid Match is a scheme funded by UK Aid — the financial support the UK Government gives to poorer countries to promote sustainable development, eliminate poverty and help people whose lives have been destroyed by conflict or disaster.  

UK Aid Match is a fund open to UK-based civil society organisations to run programmes in developing countries to help change the lives of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable. It is designed to provide opportunities for the UK public to engage with international development issues and have a say in how UK aid is spent.  

How does UK Aid Match work?

From 3 December 2018 to 3 March 2019, all public donations to AfriKids’ Time to Shine appeal will be doubled by the UK government, meaning we can reach even more children with your support.

Where will the funds go?

Public donations to AfriKids' Time to Shine appeal will support AfriKids’ work keeping children healthy, safe and in school and match funds provided by the UK government will specifically support our Opening Doors to Schools programme, ensuring more children complete a quality basic education.

What donations are eligible for matching?

UK Aid Match will match fund monetary donations from UK* based:

  • individuals (who are resident or have their primary residence in the UK)

  • community groups and events, where the funding is not made on behalf of a private sector organisation

  • organisations such as rotary clubs, as long as the organisation is not-for-profit and all individual donors within the organisation are aware of the appeal purpose and the government match funding

  • Trust Funds, as long as each individual who owns the fund agrees to the donation being made during the appeal period

  • new regular donors (giving via standing order/direct debit) who sign up during the appeal period (the first 3 months of their regular donation will be matched, regardless of when they sign up during the appeal period)
  • existing regular donors who increase their regular gift (made via standing order/direct debit) in response to the appeal. The amount their regular gift is increased by will be matched for 3 months, regardless of when they increase it during the appeal. For example, if someone who already gives £10 per month increases their gift to £30 per month during the appeal, the difference will be matched (£20 x 3 months = £60).

Donations from corporate organisations are not eligible for matching.

Additionally, donations from foundations or trusts where the funds are administered by trustees on behalf of the owners are not eligible. 

*For the purpose of UK Aid Match, the UK includes the Crown Dependencies - Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man.

What about Gift Aid?

Gift Aid can be claimed on eligible public donations but the Gift Aid will not be matched. This means a Gift Aid eligible donation of £10 will give AfriKids £22.50.

What about regular donations (standing orders)?

Existing regular gifts are not eligible for matching. However, if you chose to increase your regular donation in response to the Time to Shine appeal, the amount by which you increase your regular gift will be matched for three months. 

If you sign up as a new regular giver in response to the Time to Shine appeal, your regular donations will be doubled for three months. 

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