Why AfriKids?

20+ years'

Our 20 years’ experience of working in northern Ghana and a combined experience among our staff of 300+ years ensure 100,000 people every year are healthy, safe and in school.


Our programmes are 100% designed and delivered by local people who have a deep understanding of complex issues in their communities. They empower communities to make changes themselves that they can sustain without our ongoing support.

Accountable and transparent

We were the first NGO in Africa to receive a ‘Third Sector Excellence Award’ for accountability and transparency and we have won or been shortlisted for 30+ awards, including International Charity of the Year and Outstanding Contribution to Ghana.

Sustainable change

Ensure means

Women trained by AfriKids and provided with a microloan on average increase their incomes by 42% in just nine months.

Build motive

When we arrived in one community, just 14% of people agreed a disabled child should be allowed to live a full life. Three years later, 96% did. As a result, we are the only charity to have successfully ended the killing of “spirit children” in 58 communities.

Create opportunity

AfriKids has supported 308,849 pupils to learn, including over 1,000 students in ed-tech and STEM education for girls. Their learning outcomes have improved by 53%.

What our supporters say

History will judge AfriKids as one of the few charities who manage to answer the million-dollar question; how can we make aid work for Africa?

Sorious Samura, BAFTA and Emmy award-winning journalist

I’ve come to understand how impressive and important AfriKids’ work is, especially in the way that they connect with the community, with the real people on the ground, making sure that the money is used wisely and in a really sustainable way, improving people’s lives for the long term.

Rick Felbabel , Generali Worldwide

If, like me, you have ever wondered whether it is worth giving to charities when you read in the press about missing supplies, misdirected aid budgets and the squandering of well-intentioned donations then look to AfriKids and reconsider.

Iain M., Supporter

For more than 20 years, AfriKids has been proving that local people know their problems best and with the right support, are some of the most powerful agents for change. AfriKids’ projects, designed and delivered entirely by local people, listen to communities and empower them to make sustainable changes themselves, to ensure the rights of every child. Our proven, high-impact model is now ready to scale to change the lives of thousands more children.  

At aK with 20 years experience we have a deep understanding of the complex factors -  

For two decades, AfriKids has worked with families in some of the poorest areas of northern Ghana. With a combined experience among our staff of more than 300 years, we are no longer “taking a chance” on local ideas but have evidence that our programmes workand achieve transformational and lasting change for children today and in the future.  

We have proved the indisputable power of locally-led development and are now working hard to scale up and bring AfriKids’ life-changing work to many more children. This is why we are bringing our programmes to 60 more communities.  

AfriKids UK Head Office:
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AfriKids Ghana Head Office:
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Registered charity in England and Wales: 1141028
Registered NGO in Ghana: DSW/3024
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