Our Objectives

AfriKids UK

AfriKids Ghana


  • To fundraise in an ethical and transparent way to meet the needs of AfriKids Ghana's project delivery work

  • To raise the capital needed for investment in sustainability businesses

  • To source and create partnerships that help AfriKids Ghana meet its delivery and sustainability objectives

  • To offer and source technical expertise to AfriKids Ghana to support its programme delivery and sustainability activities

  • To promote AfriKids best practice in fundraising and programme delivery within the wider development and charity communities in order to:

  • To broaden the impact of AfriKids' methodologies 

  • To demonstrate the scalability of our approach 

  • To enhance the credibility, profile and fundraising potential of AfriKids


  • To design and deliver programmes in northern Ghana which ensure that children's rights are better met and they have a greater prospect of fulfilling secured futures.

  • To empower and support existing local organisations, civil society organisations and agencies, to develop and sustain their work which they have initiated in response to a clear need and which ultimately supports child rights. 
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AfriKids UK Head Office:
21 Southampton Row
United Kingdom

+44 (0) 207 269 0740

AfriKids Ghana Head Office:
PO Box 166
Upper East Region

+233 (0) 3820 97134

Registered charity in England and Wales: 1141028
Registered NGO in Ghana: DSW/3024
Registered in The Netherlands. Tax no: 8238.13.289