Operation Mango Tree Appeal

Give children who are at risk of abuse, neglect or exploitation a safe home in a family-like environment.

We urgently need to raise £35,222 to make this project possible.


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A place to be for children without a safe home

A safe home

A safe home providing food, shelter, healthcare, counselling and a family-like environment for the most vulnerable children; at risk of abuse, neglect or exploitation

Working with the Department for Social Welfare

Working in partnership with Ghana’s Department for Social Welfare for the
highest standards, tailored support and resettlement whenever possible

£35,222 still needed in 2018

We still need £35,222 to provide 30 children with a safe home at Operation Mango Tree this year

Meet Alex

Alex’s mother has severe mental health issues, and when she prematurely went into labour with him, she was severely malnourished. As a result of her lack of nutrients, she struggled to breastfeed Alex properly. He became malnourished and anaemic.

When Alex was two weeks old, he was identified by the Department of Social Welfare and taken into their care, before moving into Mama Laadi’s Foster Home. Mama Laadi nurtured and nourished Alex back to health, helping him to become the healthy and happy boy that he is today.

This year, Alex turns six; he is in school which he enjoys, and he is very confident at home. He is a happy child and adores the love and attention he gets from the older children. He’s very popular both at home and at school, if not a little bossy! He loves to stay neat and clean, and often tells the older children off if their uniforms are not up to his high standards! He is already quite the character, with a very bright future ahead of him.

Without the intervention from the Department of Social Welfare and Mama Laadi, it is difficult to say how Alex’s life would be right now. You can help us support more children like Alex, allowing them to thrive and enjoy being a child in a happy and safe home.


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Why the project is needed

All children should grow up in a safe and loving home that is conducive to their development. For most children, this should be with their families, and we work with thousands of families living in poverty every year to help them overcome difficult circumstances and make this the reality for their children. There are, however, a small number of children that we support who do not have the option of a safe family home.

Children who may have been ostracised by their communities for being “spirits”; children who have lost their parents or whose parents have a permanent condition affecting their ability to care for their children; and children who have faced abuse, neglect or exploitation. Even in these cases, we work hard to counsel and resolve issues with families, but in the meantime, Operation Mango Tree provides a safety net.


How the project helps

Operation Mango Tree provides a clean, safe and supportive “family” home for vulnerable children, as long as they need it. Most of the children are referred by the police and Department of Social Welfare. For Ghana’s chronically under-resourced child protection system, this facility is often the only safe place for these children to be.

Operation Mango Tree is run by Mama Laadi (top, centre), a former street child herself who trained as a community nurse and has spent her life supporting children in grave circumstances. When AfriKids met her, she was providing shelter and care for 12 street children from the one room she rented and she has nursed hundreds of critically ill babies and children back to good health. The purpose-built facility AfriKids funded in 2009 is a happy and safe home to its residents, who Operation Mango Tree are insured on the National Health Insurance Scheme for free healthcare and supported through school. The buddy system at the home builds a sense of responsibility and connection between children, who regard each other as brothers and sisters. They are taught about good hygiene and have routines to ensure they do their homework and help out at home, just like other children their age.

Mama Laadi works closely with the Department of Social Welfare in Ghana, complying with their guidelines. She runs one of the few recognised foster homes in the north under the government’s Care Reform Initiative; a nation-wide strategy working to end unnecessary institutionalisation of children and to drive up standards at those facilities, like Operation Mango Tree, which are recognised as truly necessary.

Operation Mango Tree is home to around 30 children at a time, cared for by Mama Laadi and her small team. Children arrive at the home as young as a few days old and stay until they can be resettled with family, or until they pass onto AfriKids’ Young Entrepreneurs Programme which supports them as young adults to transition into independent adulthood.


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