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We are using this space to share memories of our friend and colleague Nich Kumah.

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I was so shocked and hugely saddened to read of Nich's death and send heartfelt condolences to hisfamily and to his AfriKids family on behalf of myself and CPA (Cerebral Palsy Africa). His towering passion, vision, and wisdom has impacted so many and left a lasting legacy embedded on solid rock foundations which can continue to be built upon.

Diane Lyle, 
Volunteer Physiotherapist with CPA

Sincerest condolences to Nich's family, team and to everyone who was touched by Nich's amazing energy and light. When meeting Nich 8 years ago, I realised again - there is no limit to the impact an individual can have. High impact, with spades of kindness and patience. What a legacy.

Helga Van Peer

Our heartfelt condolences to Nich's family and the wonderful team at AfriKids. A truly inspiring leader who will be greatly missed. His legacy will live on in the incredible work of AfriKids, a charity that does so much good for the people of Northern Ghana.

Clara, Laura, Callum and the People's Postcode Lottery family

We are all finding it so hard to come to terms with Nich’s death and it still seems shocking to us that he has gone so suddenly. But what a legacy he has left behind him!

Nich was one of those people you felt would always be around to continue the amazing work done by AfriKids. But even as we gradually accept that he is no more we also know that he will be forever remembered as the larger than life, warm hearted, caring man who touched the lives of so many children and adults. How different their lives would have been without Nich.

Although our meetings with Nich were usually to report back on our literacy project after one of our visits, we have other memories too – such as enjoying a beer (and jokes) with Nich and others under a shady tree in Bolga or meeting him on the dance floor at an AfriKids Ball in London.

We send our sincerest condolences to Nich’s family and to all the AfriKids team. Our hearts go out to them all.

Judith, Jo, Lyn & Jane
Let's Read Ghana

I have been fortunate enough to travel to Ghana and spend time with Nich twice in the past few years. It has been a privilege to be in the presence of this remarkable man. I am humbled by what he has achieved on behalf of the communities that he has served, and his legacy is an organisation that can continue doing the work that was so important to him. Thoughts, prayers and condolences to his family, friends and colleagues.

Adam Middleton

Nich was the most remarkable man. I went to Ghana for the first time 14 years ago - his warmth, sparkle, passion and drive meant he made an impact on everyone he met. I have since met him several times, in both London and in Ghana and every time his smile, energy and bias to action left me energised. Nich will be sorely missed - by friends, family, the broader AfriKids community and everyone's life he touched when he walked into a room.

Sophie Ruddock

I was saddened to learn of Nich Kumah's death and would like to send my condolences to his own family and to the AfriKids family. When I visited Ghana in Dec 2013 (I was born in Takoradi Sekondi in 1958), I called at the orphanage to meet lovely Mama Laadi. The children were elsewhere, enjoying their Christmas party. I was able to join them and to meet Nich. His friendly welcome, beaming smile and passion for the work of AfriKids were unforgettable. He will be sorely missed but his legacy will undoubtedly live on and flourish.

Rowena Watkins

My deepest condolences to Nich's family and all of the AfriKids team in Ghana and the UK. I had the privilege of meeting Nich during my trips to Ghana. He was a truly inspiring leader with a big heart and an even bigger smile. He will be missed by us all, but his spirit and legacy will live on through the incredible work of AfriKids.

Catherine Husted

Nich was one of the warmest, most generous organisation leaders I've ever met, he sat down with everyone and spent time. He was a true leader, an inspiration and a wonderful person. Rest in Peace Nich.

Andy Aitchison

We were shocked to hear the devastating news of Nich's death. We first met Nich in 2007 when we were lucky enough to go to Bolga with Georgie as volunteers. Nich made such an immediate impact on us - such a warm welcome , his huge smile, his quiet wit, his calm aura, obvious inspirational leadership qualities - and we sensed straightaway not only his devotion to Afrikids but the devotion of his wonderful team to him. We like to think that having had the privilege of meeting Nich impacted on each of us individually. To witness the achievements of the Afrikids projects was humbling and no exaggeration to say that our trips and meetings with Nich both in Bolga and in the UK highlighted his role and the selfless work he undertook to promote a better way of life for the children of the Upper East region. In our sadness we have so many lovely memories of Nich - not least his beaming smile dressed in his white tuxedo at the 2007 Awards Ceremony !

We send our thoughts and our love to Nich's family and to you all. Diane, Patrick and Paula

Paula and Patrick and Diane

Our heartfelt sympathy and condolences to Nich's family and the AfriKids team at this desperately sad time. Nich was a truly amazing person. His dedication, passion and inspiring leadership has enabled AfriKids to make such a huge difference for the people of northern Ghana, mitigating the constraints of poverty and providing hope and real opportunity to innumerable children and families. That is an incredible legacy and one which will live on and continue to inspire the AfriKids family.

Simon & Erika Wooller

There are not many people who will leave such a legacy as Nich. He was incredible at creating change and helping so many families; bringing positivity and hope to the Upper East Region. It is such sad news, but Nich's memory will live on in Bolga. My love and sympathy to all his family, friends, and colleagues. It was a pleasure to work with you Nich.


Uncle Nich Kumah. Your Fo Kudjo will still remain in our mind. We will never and ever forget you. Why do you live us so soon. May the good Lord welcome you in his arms and give you a restful place. You really place a smile in our faces and other people faces. For your good deeds, God almighty will welcome you. REST IN PEACE BROTHER.


I am shocked and sad to hear of the sudden passing of Nich. He was not only an inspiration but like a father to many. He poured out his life for the children of the Upper East, following the example of Him who poured out his life for all of humanity and who lives forever. Nich, the good and faithful servant, is now with him. God's love, peace and comfort be with you his family and the wider AfriKids family.


Sending my love and prayers to Nich's family and loved ones. His life was a life well lived and he made such a difference to his community and country. May he rest in power.
Much Love,

June Sarpong

So very sad to hear of the loss of Nich, a real powerhouse who leaves a legacy that will resonate into the future. I was privileged to meet him probably a decade ago when I was part of a team from University Hospital Southampton (UHS) and which saw a brilliant partnership cemented and strengthened.

May his soul rest in peace and blessings to his family, friends and loved ones.

Lena Samuels

I am so sorry to hear of the loss of Nich Kumah. I worked for AfriKids from 2010 to 2013 and visited Ghana 3x a year to work with the local team there. Nich was an incredible leader, combining purpose, gravitas and compassion. He was such a giant in the community, constantly working to help others both within the office and without. His wit and intelligence made spending time with him a joy, both in Ghana and on his frequent visits to our UK office. He and his family would always have us over for food while we were visiting and I remember him gently teasing myself and another colleague for being vegetarian, saying 'your reasons for being vegetarian do not make sense here, where there is plenty of local, free-range meat and not so many local vegetables'. Which was entirely correct.
To the AfriKids Ghana staff - I send you my deepest condolences for your loss. Going forward without Nich will be a huge challenge, but I know how strong a foundation Nich built, and how talented and driven you all are. He will still be with you in spirit as you continue to work for the children of northern Ghana.

To Nich's family - Modesta, Ellie and Selassie - I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you as you grieve for Nich, who was clearly such a wonderful father and husband. My prayers are with you.

Vieve Easton

Nich was an inspiration. Kind, thoughtful and so passionate about changing the lives of children in the Upper East Region.
It was a privilege to visit and work with Afrikids - I will never forget my time at the medical centre in Bolgatanga.
My thoughts are with Nichs family and all of the AfriKids family.
Much love

Jenny Palfrey

Nich was an inspirational man who was committed to social justice, driven, open-minded, focussed... there's so little that can be said that hasn't already been said better and more eloquently by others. He led an incredible life that he dedicated to his family and community; so much so that he treated his community like his family. While we're all agreed that he's gone far too soon, there is a comfort in knowing that few people leave a legacy as great as his. The positive impact that his life's work has made to his corner of this earth is something to really be in awe of. I only hope his family, colleagues and community take solace in that and continue his work. His was a life well led.

LN (aka 'Mukilla’)

My heart breaks for Nich's family, the AfriKids family and the hundreds of thousands of lives he made better. I have seen many words used for Nich these past few days: legend, great man, hero, irreplaceable, feminist, visionary, big brother, and indeed they are all true, but one that stood out to me was Titan. Nich was a titan. He was brave, he was strong and he set to conquer even the most difficult challenges, always pioneering new ways when others had given up and moved on.  

Nich's clear vision, unwavering optimism, boundless empathy, wisdom and total commitment inspired me every single day at AfriKids. I learned so much from him and we are all better for having known him.

Nich and Georgie have built an incredible team at AfriKids, and a wonderful family of supporters, who will continue on his amazing legacy. RIP Nich

Amy Parker

So sad that Nich has gone. Nich's remarkable achievement has been to build rock solid foundations for both AfriKids and his family. Nothing short of a global catastrophe can shake these foundations. Nich should be very proud as he sees the dedicated team he has assembled take the work on to new heights motivated and energised by the example of his exceptional life . RIP and with pride.

Nick Eastcott

So sorry to hear this very sad news. Deepest condolences to Nich’s family and everyone at AfriKids.

Very very sad news, he was such a great guy and I remember him with great fondness,

A real force for good has departed, and my prayers are with his family and you all.

I write on behalf of the whole team at Stars Foundation who had the honour and privilege of meeting Nich and the AfriKids team. Nich is remembered as the man with the biggest smile, the most infectious energy and an enormous heart. We are all devastated to hear the news of his passing.

I had the pleasure of meeting Nich and the team in Bolga when I went to visit AfriKids' work with Andy Aitchison in 2008. We spent the most unforgettable few days with them, seeing the incredible work of AfriKids in the community and enjoying the warmth and hospitality of everyone we encountered. The visit will stay with me forever, as will Nich's wonderful smile. What a tremendous legacy he leaves behind.

Our deepest condolences to all of Nich's family, his AfriKids family and his friends. Our thoughts are with you all.

With much love,

Muna and the whole Stars Foundation team

Truly shocked and saddened. Nich opened so many doors for me and taught me so much. I always wanted to thank him again (years later, after I recognized all he did) for all his support over the years. 

My thoughts are with Nich's family and friends, and AfriKids. Nich is a truly phenomenal force for good, leaving an awesome legacy, and I remember him with deep fondness during my trip to Bolgotanga, and our interactions since then. You couldn't help but leave his company with a big smile on your face, as his joy and compassion and encouragement and wisdom bubbled out of him to all he met.


My sincere condolences to Nich's family and the entire AfriKids family.   I met Nich when I visited Ghana and was impressed by his passion and commitment.   A genuinely lovely person who will be missed.

Pat Moseley

The Staff and Management of Savana Signatures were shocked to hear the sad news of the passing on of AfriKids Country Director; Nich Kumah.

We knew Nich through our partnership with Afrikids and his kindness and comportment was what truly impressed us all at Savana Signatures. We especially appreciated all he did to ensure that there was a partnership between Savana Signatures and Afrikids Ghana.

All of us here at Savana Signatures mourn the passing of Nich and we fully appreciate the fact that his inspiring leadership and pursuit of excellence have created an organisation with an enviable reputation in your operational areas.

We unite in offering our condolences to the Afrikids family. We hope the many reminders that surround you of how he has enriched the lives of all who have had the privilege to be associated with him will soon bring you comfort and relief of sorrow.

On behalf of all of us at Savana Signatures.

Stephen AGBENYO - Executive Director (Savana Signatures)

We were lucky enough to join a trip with AfriKids in April 2019. What an amazing, life changing  experience it was for us as a family. We met Nich on a number of occasions during our visit and were always struck by his warmth, his presence and his constant smile. We found him to be a modest man who gave credit to others before himself for the amazing organisation that AfriKids has become. His family are in our thoughts as are all his many friends and colleagues at AfriKids  but also the wider Ghanaian community to whom he gave so much. Nich, you will live in the hearts and minds of many people, and not just those in Ghana, for all that you achieved and gave in your life that was cut short far too soon.  With love and best wishes to everyone, Andrew, Stephanie, Emma and Zac x

Andrew, Stephanie, Emma and Zac Peters 

Rest In Peace, our dear friend Nich! Wherever the Logo of AfriKids is seen in any corner of the world , you will be remembered!

Father Moses

A father to all, you gave me the opportunity to be a part of the AfriKids family to work for the greater good of my people. We are forever grateful, and you would be greatly missed. Till we meet again, Rest well Daddy Nich

Juslin Kanton

You have me hope when all hope was lost. You gave me and many others the chance to become who we are today. In brief I am still shocked of your demise. Mr. Kumah “dada” as we the uk nominees of the beneficiary category 2012 used to call you, you are a hero and I am sorry I couldn’t say this to you while you were alive. You have been a dad not just to your immediate family but to many many more. Rest well Mr. Kumah, Rest well dada, paasonga

Juliana A-Engwane Schmale-Adongo

As a journalist that spent a greater part of my working life in the Upper East Region, It was a pleasure to have known and worked with Nicholas on a number of projects by Afrikids.

He was really passionate about his work and touched so many lives in so many ways. A good heart has stopped beating, a good soul ascended to heaven. I extend my deepest sympathies to you and your family. To the folks at Afrikids, I offer you my thoughts, prayers and well-wishes. RIP Nich.

Benjamin Xornam Glover

Truly devastated to learn, this morning, that Nich Kumah, the kind-hearted Founder of AfriKids has died.

I first met Nich in Bolgatanga in December of 2012 when I interviewed him for a documentary on 'Spirit Children', disabled kids left for dead because of a local belief that they are spirits sent to destroy their parents.

Nich, originally from the Volta Region, lived his entire life working to support disabled children and their families and AfriKids, the organisation he founded is today the biggest NGO campaigning for human rights in the Upper East region with footprints all over northern Ghana.

It was people like Nich and David Pwalua that got me going back to the Upper East region, offering me a place to stay at Mama's Place (The best Guest House in Bolgatanga) in the days when I had no funding support for my journalism travels.

Nich is leaving behind a big vacuum which would be difficult to fill by colleagues at AfriKids and the many families whose lives his work has touched. May you rest peacefully big brother Nich. And for all the years you spent comforting Bolga's poor and vulnerable, may God keep your wife and family too.


Sending our deepest condolences to Nich’s family and the Afrikids team.

The world has lost a truly good soul and we mourn that loss together with you.

Trevor Pears and Shoshana Boyd Gelfand 

We just heard the very sad news that Nich passed away. It’s hard to believe. Such a larger than life person and wonderful gentleman. I cannot imagine how difficult it must be for his family and the entire Afrikids organisation. He was such an integral part of the Afrikids story and will be missed by so many people. 

We are so sad. We have wonderful memories of Nich both there and here in London.

I am so very sorry to hear this and would like to pass my condolences on to you, your team, the team in Bolga and of course his family.

Best wishes for this difficult time.

I am really sorry to hear this very sad news. This will be a very difficult moment for AfriKids as well as his family and friends.  He has clearly been the guiding force behind the organisation and did so much for the children of Northern Ghana. 

Nich was very welcoming and supportive during our visit to Ghana.  I shall retain some very positive memories of our interactions with him and the respect he showed to me personally.

Nich was such a powerful driving force for positive change in Northern Ghana. I hope AfriKids will go from strength to strength to continue to fulfil his vision and legacy. Will have a look at the tribute page.

All the best to everyone at AfriKids.

I’m so sorry to hear that shocking news. We’ll be thinking about you all. I can’t believe Nich has passed away....he was so full of strength and energy.

I’m so so sorry, this is absolutely tragic news 

Sending Love to you all

What devastating news. I am so sorry for you and the whole team, as well as his family. 

Keep the faith!  

What devastating news for you all at AfriKids. We send our deepest condolences to you, his family and everyone at AfriKids. 

Martin and Eugenia Ephson

This is heartbreaking news. 

I am so sorry, for his family, for the whole AfriKids team and for everyone who knew him and loved him. We were many.

He is unforgettable.

I am truly lost for words.. 

Sending you much love.


Muna Wehbe

It’s terrible news, such a shock. My heart goes out to his family and to all of you at AfriKids here and in Ghana.

Bob Chaundy, supporter

We are so sorry to hear that. Nich was a great man and we enjoyed the meetings we had with him.  I’m sure the AfriKids team are devastated. Please pass our sympathies to them and Nich's family.   Our thoughts are with you all. 

This is just terrible news. Nich really was a great man and he will be sadly missed. 

Please pass on my thoughts to the team and let them know I'm thinking of you all. 

Such sad news. Nich was such a larger than life character - a great person and true leader for the team in Ghana. Our thoughts are with you, the AfriKids team and Nich’s family. 

Stay well

Nich was such an amazing individual, so full of life.  He lit up a room and you couldn’t help but have a good time and laugh with him whilst also being inspired.  We would certainly like to find a way to pay our respects and to remember Nich.  All our best wished to you and the team in getting through this terrible moment.  Nich would of course have wanted people to celebrate his life more than mourn him if they are able.

Love and heartfelt condolences to all of you,

Very sad news. What a wonderful and inspiring man, full of compassion and charity. 

Eternal rest grant Nich, O Lord.
Let perpetual light shine upon him, and
May he rest in His eternal peace.

My sympathies and condolences go out to his family and to all his colleagues at AfriKids. 

Best regards,


Christopher Mackenzie

I am so sorry and deeply sad to hear the news of Nich. 

He will be remembered by all who met him and especially the thousands of families  he helped With gratitude and affection. 

Love and sympathy

I don’t know what to say. I am in shock.

This is devastating – not only for you and the entire AfriKids team, but for Nich’s family and community. The world has lost a truly good soul and we mourn that loss together with you.

Thank you for letting us know. We send our condolences and wishes to you all for strength to grieve this loss.

May Nich’s memory be a blessing and an inspiration for us all to carry on his life’s work.

I remember Nich with that wonderful smile spread across his face! This is such a huge loss to the AfriKids team and my thoughts go out to them, his family and friends. To fill the shoes of someone so integral to AfriKids is impossible but his legacy will surely live on through what he and Georgie have built: the life changing work Afrkids does in Ghana and the thousands of children who benefit from their support.

Dordie Brett

The first time I met Nich he was still zipping around Bolga on a moped and was simply uncle Kudjoe to the kids at the House of Restoration. In the years since so much has changed and he leaves an immense legacy to the people of the Upper East and all those of us who knew him. Nich was so many good things to so many people. To me, for all my years at AfriKids, he was a friend, mentor, and companion on what felt like an extraordinary journey. I always assumed there would be time to catch up and spend time together again. He will be dreadfully missed and always remembered. I will remember him as a big hearted, broad minded soul who made lives brighter and pushed things forward for his community in a way that few manage to do. He did this in a way that brought many with him and now he leaves them the honour and challenge of moving the work forward.


I met Nich shortly after I joined the AfriKids Board in 2014 on a trip to Ghana and immediately connected with him. It was apparent to me then that Nich was a giant in the community he worked! I became one of his many fans! His life and work with AfriKids has impacted so many and will I believe continue to do so through his colleagues and peers he has influenced and worked with. Nich, as far as I could see over my time with AfriKids and in following them since, was programmed for goodness and quiet unassuming greatness and as he shared it, it grew in others. The more he shared it the more he had to give.

A wonderful human being and a visionary soul. His AfriKids legacy has changed the trajectory of so many vulnerable children’s lives for the better and helped change how people see and understand the needs of vulnerable children and the importance of supporting them in order to shape a different and more sustainable future for communities in Northern Ghana. Sincere condolences to Nich’s family, friends and colleagues and to Georgie where the AfriKids story started.

God bless you Nich ⭐️

Jacqueline Moller Larsen 

Nich was, for me, an embodiment of generosity and kindness. He lived for others. Nich's enduring kindness and compassion shall continue to remind us to endeavour to wipe sadness off the faces of people and put big smiles on these same faces, making our world a happier one for all.

Nich you did your best for the children of Upper East and indeed Ghana at large. Victory shall your portion as the meaning of your depict. We were not that close but bearing the name I obviously took interest in your work as we both share a common beginning of creating a world class organization that will impact development in our dear mother. The entire TradeAID Integrated team say rest in perfect peace.

Nich was a great man, driven to do good and so passionate about AfriKids. Nich's legacy lives on through the big smiles on the little faces of all the children he has helped. He will be sorely missed by all. Love, thoughts and deepest sympathies to his family, friends, colleagues and community. Tonight I will look to the sky and download a large drink in your honour Nich x

 Dave Brown

My condolences to the family and AfriKids at large, Daddy, we will forever miss you. Without you, there would not have been a future for I and my siblings. We will forever be indebted to you. Rest in Perfect Peace with our Lord Daddy.

Nich was an inspirational person, a lovely man, and someone who made the world a better place. Rest in peace my friend

Stephen Marchant

This is such terrible news. I was fortunate enough to meet Nich several times in Ghana. I will always remember his dignity, his humility and his sense of humour. I'll never forget his laugh. He was the quiet anchor of the AfriKids team and I'm sure that for everyone in Northern Ghana things will never be quite the same again. Even at this very sad time we should try to remember how much Nich achieved, how many people he helped and how many lives he touched in such a positive way. My thoughts are with his family, friends and colleagues.


I'm one of the lives this great man touched. I'm indebted to him greatly. On this occasion all I say is your good works will follow you. Till we meet again in our home beyond, I say fare thee well!

Rev. Patrick Ba-ereware Boazii

I only had the pleasure of meeting Nich a few times, the first being in Ghana - a truly incredible and inspiring man who made a lasting impression on me, but more importantly because of him thousands and thousands of children have received the love, care and support of AfriKids. The world could do more men and women like Nich.

Emma Marchant

It is such a terrible loss to lose someone like Nich too early. He dedicated his life to improving things for others, and succeeded in bettering the lives of many, many people.

His was a life well lived. The world needs more Nichs, and is a poorer place without him.

He was one of the good guys.

Thoughts are with his family and colleagues at this worst of times.

Duncan Spencer

My sincere condolences... Short of words

Winifred Alayine

I got to know Nich Kumah after I completed Senior High School Education in 2003. Pastor Charles Dagore and I had started an orphanage called Grace Orphanage Home at Bimbimbisi-Zonno/Zuarungu which was later renamed as Youth Development Center, Bimbimbisi/Zuarungu. We applied to AfriKids UK for support. We got the email address on a signboard AfriKids Bolga erected by Nich Kumah at Bolga near the graveyard closer to the Catholic church. Madam Georgie responded positively to our email and indicated that they would be in Bolga and that we should meet them.

We met them as planned. Mr. Kumah was made to ensure that our operations lived up to expectation. In fact, we had challenges and Nich Kumah did all he could with the aim to resolve them. I can still recall an instance where Nich Kumah told Pastor Charles that, "you have resolved your challenges with your wife, it's now left with this young man".

I must say that the leadership skills of Nich Kumah is what led to the existence of Youth Development Center (AfriKids Zuarungu). If he had been a bad man, he would have long ago reported negatively about AfriKids Zuarungu especially at the time there was leadership crisis. When some of us insisted that the centre did not belong to an individual but to the surrounding communities, others had wanted it as a personal property. I still recall vividly when Nich Kumah remarked that AfriKids Ghana would never be his personal property although he is a founder. He was a selfless person. He and Mama Laadi later admitted that they thought I, Roland Naab Timbil rather didn't want the growth of the AfriKids Zuarungu but little did they know that it was otherwise. No wonder Nich had wanted that the landlord of the AfriKids Zuarungu was compensated so that the project was properly documented to mitigate future conflicts. I decided to take my mind off the AfriKids Zuarungu challenges so I don't exactly know how far he went about it.
The last time I met Nich Kumah was in 2014 at Barclays Bank, Bolga Branch. We exchanged pleasantries and he wished me well. He was such a great man that didn't harbor negative feelings against people. One could always notice a broad smile on his face.

You have imparted lives. Your name will remain indelible. I will remember you as a great man that would have impacted greatly on some of us had there not been challenges with AfriKids Zuarungu that led to some of us leaving. May your soul rest in peace. I can't really believe that a great man such as you who has a lot to offer to society has left us so abruptly. You will forever be missed.

Roland Naab Timbil

For once, I find I'm lost for words sufficiently adequate to express my dismay for the loss of Nich Kumah.

We all know we all have to die, but when a life is cut short, it is all the more poignant; especially when that person was such a remarkable figurehead.

Nich and Georgie were a tremendous duo, whose skills complemented each other perfectly. The 100,000 +++ lives AfriKids has touched would not have happened without that partnership of Georgie and Nich.   Further, I doubt Georgie could have achieved her vision without the ambition, persistence and charm of Nich.   On various visits to Bolga, it was self-evident that Nich was the boss and commanded respect as the father figure by all his staff.  They will be somewhat lost without him, and totally bewildered by what has happened.   

As I write, I am looking at the hand carved shield in the shape of Ghana which Nich presented to me some years ago.  On it, it refers to "your relentless service to humanity".  I thought at the time those words were misdirected (as indeed they were) but they could only have been crafted by someone who knew what they meant and who practiced them himself.  Afterall, he dedicated his life to AfriKids.

A remarkable person has been taken from us, but his legacy will live on. 

Such sad and shocking news. I was never lucky enough to have met Nich but I am so aware that he had the most wonderful impact on both AfriKids and his community, impact that will live on. His family, friends and colleagues are in my thoughts.

What a shock: such very sad news. My sincere condolences to the family and the team.  He has clearly left a huge legacy with so many lives he touched and changed.

Very sad and shocking news. He, his family and his community deserved better. My thoughts are with them at this terrible time.

He will always be remembered as ‘one of the good guys’, who made such a difference during his time.

What dreadful and terribly sad news, my thoughts and prayers are with Nich’s family and all the team in Bolga.

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