Mamprugu Moagduri

Welcome to Mamprugu-Moagduri, XXX only XXX. 

Oops, watch your feet! Looks like a chicken is making a run for it!Best not to hurt them, many families around here rear poultryfor a living. You’ll see a few of them selling them on the roadside whilst you’re here. Their eggs come in handy too, I’m not sure about their early morning wake up calls though! Although, locals find this useful when there’s very little electricity to charge phones or alarm clocks! 

Hmmwhat’s that smell? It’s coming from over there.It smells good. Women here tend to cook in the cool of the morningin big iron dishes over an open fire, but many families only eat once a day – usually in the evening after the hard work is done.  

It looks like Joloff rice is on the menu tonight. It’s one of Ghana’s most loved dishes. It’s a tomatoey, vegetable rice and it’s got a kick to it. The price of rice has increasedfour-fold recently though so it’s harder for families to afford it nowadays. But thankfully most people have a small plot of land where they can grow their own vegetables. Although, even that’s dried up a bit in recent years. The dry seasons are getting longer and many of the crops they used to grow simply won’t take. On ahappier almost every house here has a mango tree so this is the perfect spot for you to sample some of Ghana’s finest produce! 

Oh and there’s the school over there. Can you see it in the distance?There tends to be a school in most communities but as you can see, they are not exactly inspiring spaces for children to learn. The heat here makes those cracks you can see on the buildings, and there’s so many children and very few teachers, especially ones who are adequately trained. The children do the very best they can in the circumstances, especially when they’re so hungry. But they deserve more. Look at them playing football over there, they’d run circles around any one of us!It’s amazing how children can find fun and joyanywhere, isn’t it? 

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