Builsa South

Welcome to Builsa South, the only…. 

You’vegot lucky – today is market day! 

Oh, watch your step! The potholes around here don’t make it easy getting from A to B. Can you imagine navigating them with big baskets on your head, like those women over there?They’reheading for the market, I think 

Take abreath in – can you smell the faint smell of smoke? Lots of people in Builsa South make charcoal andsell it for a living. It’s used for cooking. It’sremarkable how resourceful people are here. 

Look to your right, can you see thewoman standing in the river? She’s washing her clothes. Oh, and can you see thelittle ones helping herone, two, three, oh no, four of them.On average families here have six people living in their house. There’sa strong sense of community– they really look after one another.So,the small mud huts you see over there will house a grandparent, parents, children, great grandchildren, or even children whose parents have passed awayandthey’ve taken them under their wing. Often, they will all sleep in one room.  

This river is a source of life for the people here. Both humans and animals rely on it for water, particularly in the dry season when it is scarce. Sadly, those who drink the water do get sick and it really draws the mosquitosso many children die frommalaria. 

If we’re lucky, we might hear someof their women doing their traditional song and dance. They often come together under the shade of a baobab tree. It’s a way to thank their God and to pray for more rain.Youcan’t help but dance along! 

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