Welcome to Binduri, the only area AfriKids works where families are being threatened by conflict.  

It’s a good thing the cockerel woke you so early, you’re in far north Ghana now so later it’s going to get hot! You can be in Burkina Faso in under an hour by car, so you’reclose to the Sahel desert.Most people get around by bicyclehere though, or a motorbike if they can afford to buy petrol 

You must be hungry. Time for breakfast?  

Roadside stalls like this sell the most delicious maize. You hold it like this, as you would a corn on the cob. It’s similar to that isn’t it? But chewier I find. It’s a popular snack, they grow it in all the fields around here. It’s been tough with the changing climates though,the yield is getting less and less every year. 

Oh, careful boys, don’t mind us! School is about to start. Butactually, these boys aren’t wearing their yellow school uniforms and two of them have bare feet. They’relikely to be on their way to the mines, although they would never admit it to us. Gold mininghere is illegal but some families are forced to send their children to work in the mines instead of school as it’s the only way they can afford essentials for their family.  

Life in Binduri has become particularly hard these past few years. Terrorists are living in the area, having moved over from Burkina Faso, and there have been multiple attacksthat have killed many residents.It makes going to the market and going to school very dangerous, but families here are resilient and as you can hear in the distance,they still sing and dance togetherkeeping spirits high and giving hope for the future. 

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