Every future matters

Every child's future matters. No matter what their circumstances.

Approximately 2.1 million people across Ghana are living with a disability today.

Right now, children living with disabilities in northern Ghana are being left behind.

We need to change that.

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*All donations made to the appeal will be match funded by two anonymous donors up to £20,000.

Without sufficient support, the reality for thousands of children living with disabilities in Ghana is a life where even sitting up or feeding themselves is a struggle.

In northern Ghana, an area where six in ten families lives in poverty, limited access to education and healthcare mean children’s disabilities are often misunderstood, even feared. As a result, these children are being left behind, neglected and even killed in some circumstances.

Every child’s future matters.

Every child should have the opportunity to thrive. With your support we can ensure that for more children with disabilities in northern Ghana.

Give now to support children with disabilities

"They diagnosed him with Cerebral Palsy - making him not to have that kind of coordination. So he was not having the control.

He couldn’t sit. He couldn’t do anything.”

- Benedicta, Narcissus' mum

With your support, we can provide:


Providing critical, tailored support for more children with physical disabilities, including specialist physiotherapy


Empowering families with knowledge to aid their child’s development and a support network to share experiences with other parents


Paving the way for each disabled child’s future, by working with local authorities to champion every child’s rights and improve systems to support them

Lives changed with support like yours:

You can be a change-maker for children with disabilities

We need supporters like you to tell more children that their future matters.

Join us this winter to change the future for more children with disabilities.

Give now and have your donation doubled

All donations will help support children in northern Ghana to be healthy, safe and in school, while match funding will specifically support children living with disabilities.

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