Ekua's story

Diving through bustling crowds in the open-air bus station, Ekua follows the smell of stew bubbling at one of the street food stalls.

It's 4.30pm and she's hungry. Maybe the seller will let her have some.

Ekua’s mother worked here, unloading cargo from the haulage trucks. When she was killed in a traffic accident 5 years ago, Ekua was 12 years old. She began to skip school and work at the bus station to help make ends meet.

For poor families here, this is one of the only ways to earn any money and it’s hard work. Children typically earn £7.50 a month and would have to work for nearly 6 months just to cover the school uniform and books they need for a year. It doesn’t add up. Poverty is forcing thousands of children like Ekua to leave school, sacrificing their potential.

But Ekua’s story will be different. AfriKids has trained volunteers at the bus station to look out for children in danger and help turn their lives around. Kofi, who sells tyres at the station, is one of them. He tells Ekua about AfriKids’ night school for street children and helps her enrol.

Ekua began catch up classes three nights a week. She learnt basic literacy and numeracy, she made friends with other children who had been through similar experiences and she was given access to free healthcare and emotional support.

When she was ready, she was supported back into full time school, setting her on a path to a secure and bright future. Ekua is now studying hard back with other children her age and she is determined to complete her education.

By ensuring Ekua completes her education, we are empowering her to help lift her community out of poverty, for good.

*Ekua's name has been changed to protect her identity.

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