The Education Fund Appeal

In northern Ghana, just 1 in 10 boys and 1 in 20 girls complete a secondary education.

Together we can change this by supporting families to make ends meet so their children can continue their education.


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Removing the barriers keeping poor children out of secondary school

Small support packages

Small support packages to help families make ends meet, for the difference of their child going to secondary school

Working with Ghana Education Service

Working with Ghana Education Service to ensure no child is left behind

£33,257 needed to help 250 children

£33,257 needed to make this project possible and help 250 children this year

Georgina's story

Since the age of ten, Georgina and her little sister have had to work harder than most children their age. After their parents died they moved to live with an aunty, but as a widow with seven children of her own, it was not an easy childhood.

Georgina enjoyed going to school and she valued her time in class, but it came to a point where even buying books and pencils was becoming difficult. Georgina was determined to continue studying so she began to look for local work, like washing dishes at a local eating spot. She hoped to save enough money to stay at school so she could fulfil her dream of becoming a nurse. It was hard to have to work alongside her studying but she was committed to reaching her ambitious end goal. 

In her penultimate school year, Georgina did not manage to save enough to cover her school costs. They allowed her to continue coming to class, but as the debts racked up the school put pressure on her to pay the outstanding bills. Without additional help, she was going to have to drop out, even though she was just one year off completing.

She came to hear about the AfriKids Education Fund and sent an application. Her strong letter demonstrated her ambition and commitment and the team offered Georgina a package of support that would cover both her outstanding fees and costs for her final year. This was the help she needed to get back on the path towards her nursing dream and securing a brighter future for her and her family.


Support now

Why the project is needed

Over half of all families in rural northern Ghana live in poverty. Many parents want to give their children the education they never had, but sending a child to school for a year costs on average an entire month’s earning. For those that fight hard to get their children to school, a bad harvest or death in the family could mean a child has to drop out because there isn’t enough money to pay for books or exam fees.

While the Ghanaian government has recently launched free senior high school - junior high school is already free - the transition period to make this a reality has not been smooth. There are still major gaps between policy and practice, and barriers that are keeping poor children out of secondary school still exist. The scheme is only for newly enrolled students and they must pre-finance costs before applying for a repayment from the Ghana Education Service. For most families this upfront cost continues to pose as a barrier.

Despite the new government’s policy and investment being a positive step forward, there remains a gap for children from low income families who will continue to slip through the net without extra support.


How the project helps

The Education Fund provides financial support to students whose families are struggling to make ends meet. This support could be the difference between a child being the first in their family to secure a secondary education or not, yet the support can be as simple as funds for books or learning materials.

The team identify students that are at the highest risk of dropping out, many of whom have been referred by their community or school. Each individual must then complete an application which AfriKids uses to assess their level of need and the support package required which varies from case to case. It could include funds for school related fees, learning materials, accommodation and food.

With support from the project, in 2018 approximately 250 students will be able to continue their studies, opening up much better employment opportunities for their future and helping them to break the cycle of poverty, for good. Without this support it is likely many would earn a living from subsistence farming like their parents or travel south in search of work putting them at major risk of harm and abuse.


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