Our vision now, for 2018 and beyond: what you, our friends who make it all possible, can expect from us

We have been overwhelmed by the support we have received since launching our new strategy and the plans we have for the years ahead. Thank you all for backing this next phase for AfriKids and for joining us on the journey.

Our work would not be possible without support from generous individuals, businesses and grant funders who share in our successes and change the lives of children like Pogziema every day.

Pogziema and her twin sister suffered from severe malnutrition as babies.
They're now happy, healthy little girls who are excited to be celebrating their fourth birthdays soon! 

This last blog in our series is about you, our supporters and friends. We have briefly explored our history, what we’ve learnt and the goals we are now working towards, and now we want to make a commitment to you.

Your support allows us to empower children, put communities on their feet and demand that the government delivers; changing the lives of children and families in northern Ghana and building a better world for the next generation. In return we promise you will always:

Know where your money goes

We guarantee a direct flow of funds from our UK registered charity to our Ghana registered NGO, never passing through governments. Our team in the UK provide international due diligence across the whole organisation to provide oversight and regulation so you know exactly where your money is going.

See the difference you make

We want you to fully understand the impact of your support. Through detailed feedback you will see the difference you are making and truly understand the power of your philanthropy. 

Make a difference that lasts

We are committed to making changes that local communities can uphold without our ongoing support, to transform the lives of children and communities today and in the future. We are not here to breed dependence on aid and our work gives communities the voice, confidence and knowledge to build a better world for the next generation.

 Our plans for expansion under our three programmes - Education, Child Protection and Health – are bigger and bolder than ever. Thank you for joining us for the next leg of this exciting journey!

To find out more about getting involved have a look on our website here or get in touch with the team on: | +44 (0) 207 269 0740

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