My Life - Angelica, 17

‘I am now bold and able to defend my rights. I know what they are and where to seek help any time anyone violates them.

Twice a week Angelica attends a youth club at her local health centre. These clubs have been specifically set up to provide teenagers with the chance to learn more about their sexual and reproductive health and rights, so they feel empowered to make their own choices.

 ‘I like the Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health Rights project and want it to continue, and even extend to other communities, because I have learnt a lot from it and know there are more teenagers like me who need such information from the project.

Through the project, I am now bold and able to defend my rights. I know what they are and where to seek help any time anyone violates them. I am able to talk about my reproductive system with others and also teach my friends about their sexual health rights.’

 Previously, Angelica was nervous to seek this sort of information and advice from the health centre. She was worried what members of the community would think of a healthy teenager attending the centre and the speculations that could be made.

 ‘Before, it was a problem to be seen around the Health Centre in the community if you were not sick. But with provision of the adolescent-friendly centre at the health facility, we are able to go [there] to watch television, play games like ‘ludo’ and volleyball to entertain ourselves and interact with our colleagues. We get the chance to speak to a health worker about just anything that worries us and our reproductive system.

Teenage pregnancy and early marriage was a big catastrophe in our community but through the project that too is declining. I know if this project continues surely, all these will be things of the past and my community will be safe and protective of young people and their rights.’

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