Our principles & Fundraising Values

We keep children safe

Ensuring the protection of children and their rights is the reason AfriKids exists and our up most priority. We have robust measures in place to protect people, particularly children and vulnerable adults, from any harm that may be caused by AfriKids’ work or people involved with it.

We are truly local

Our team of local staff in Ghana design and run all of our life-changing programmes from start to finish.

Qualified, experienced professionals, they have a deep personal commitment to improving life for children in their communities. Being known and trusted by the communities they work in is what makes them so effective, especially with some of our most complex work changing traditional beliefs.

Fundraising and donor due diligence is led from the UK, but always with the aim of supporting local people delivering the right solutions in their own communities.

We are transparent and accountable

100% accountability

We adhere to best practice guidelines as outlined by the Charity Commission and the Fundraising Regulator

Robust governance

We maintain robust governance policies and procedures including regular internal and external audits to ensure this

Independently audited

We publish independently audited accounts annually and encourage our supporters to ask us anything, anytime

We Say No to Pity

We will  not trivialise the injustice of poverty or compromise the dignity of anyone we work with through pity advertising or by using inappropriate images or language when discussing sensitive issues.

We hope sharing the positive stories of how our work is making a difference will inspire people to help us do more.

We listen, empower and sustain


We listen to what local people
tell us they really need


We empower children and
communities to make changes themselves


We help people make changes that can be continued without our ongoing support

We respect people and planet

We work together with communities to end harmful traditional practices and protect children, while respecting local culture, heritage and environment.

We are conscious to minimise the impact of our operations on the environment and employ a reduce, reuse and recycle approach.

We share and collaborate

By working with others, we can have a greater impact. We collaborate with partners across the NGO, public and private sectors to maximise the reach and impact of our projects. We continuously develop our knowledge and skills by working with and learning from others, sharing what we know so that they too can learn from us.

AfriKids is a strong example of real development working on the ground for the people who need it the most. As patron, I have been lucky enough to watch this exceptional organisation develop and feel that it is now at a point where its story and methodologies should be shared.

Baroness Lynda Chalker, AfriKids Patron

We always want to do better

An ethos of learning and improving is ingrained in everything we do, from supporting training for all of out staff to continuously developing our Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning tools to measure our impact and inform our strategy.

We welcome feedback from all of our stakeholders so please never hesitate to get in touch.

Our Fundraising Values 

Our four fundraising values are the qualities and standards that guide our conduct (how we “behave”) in raising funds. Underpinning our Integrity value is our registration with the Fundraising Regulator and compliance with its Code of Fundraising Practice.

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We aspire to deliver the best in class; to be impactful, to be honest, to be respectful and to be accountable for all we do. We always act in the best interests of the children and communities we serve and we never compromise their dignity.


  • We will never do anything we are not proud of
  • We treat others with compassion
  • We set clear expectations and systematically account for them


We nurture a culture of openness and listening, providing inspirational donor experiences and building quality, long-lasting relationships.


  • We build a community that is as equitable, diverse and inclusive as possible
  • We are friendly, polite and positive to everyone
  • We skilfully and respectfully challenge and resolve issues
  • We work together united in passionate service to our mission
  • We invite people in and make them feel welcome and valued for their unique contribution


We are responsive to our environment and we adopt adaptive approaches that enable us to secure sustainable long-term funding.


  • We commit to continuously analyse our internal and external environment to inform our decisions
  • We follow lean processes to innovate new products, systems and ways of working
  • We will regularly ask ourselves if we are operating in the most efficient and impactful way


We are bold in our approach and will always find creative solutions to broaden our reach. We will always challenge ourselves, so our supporters remain engaged to ensure our lasting impact on the lives of more children in Ghana.


  • We will set and deliver ambitious goals
  • We take measured risks
  • We commit time to finding inspiration to enable creative solutions

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AfriKids UK Head Office:
AfriKids, Unit G05,
The Record Hall,
16-16A Baldwin's Gardens,

+44 (0) 207 269 0740

AfriKids Ghana Head Office:
PO Box 166
Upper East Region

+233 (0) 3820 97134

Registered charity in England and Wales: 1141028
Registered NGO in Ghana: DSW/3024
Registered in The Netherlands. Tax no: 8238.13.289