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Where We Work

AfriKids is a partnership between a UK registered charity based in London, UK and a Ghanaian registered NGO (AfriKids Ghana) based in Bolgatanga in the Upper East Region of Ghana.


The vast majority of AfriKids Ghana’s work takes place in the Upper East Region, with some partners’ work having been supported in the Northern, Upper West and Ashanti regions. The Upper East Region is an extremely poor part of the world with development indicators lagging far behind those of southern Ghana. One in nine children die before their fifth birthday in the region and 70% live in poverty, in contrast to 11% in the capital Accra.


The Upper East has a savannah landscape with stark rainy and dry seasons. Most people rely on subsistence agriculture and there are relatively few natural resources that can be utilised in manufacturing or export industries. The region’s infrastructure is patchy; many people have no access to clean water, electricity or roads. Schools and clinics are approaching universal coverage but the building is often rudimentary and there is not enough equipment and trained personnel.  The region is largely stable with faiths peacefully co-existing.


Development indicators are improving; when AfriKids started work one in five children died before their fifth birthday now it is one in nine. Life can and does improve in the Upper East but committed investment and grassroots work is needed for this to happen and be sustained. All of AfriKids Ghana’s staff are from the region and have a deep, long term personal commitment to its development. AfriKids (UK) made the decision early on to focus all of our efforts on this one region and on AfriKids Ghana in order to enable them to make a deep and lasting change to their community.