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UK Reg. Charity no: 1141028 Ghana Reg. Charity no: DSW/3024
Registered in The Netherlands. Tax no: 8238.13.289

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AfriKids UK

AfriKids is about local people working to change their own communities for the better.


The Ghana staff work at a grassroots level allowing the projects to be very nuanced and bespoke to the individual communities' needs. This style of working ensures beneficiaries get the most appropriate support but challenges AfriKids as an organisation to structure itself in a way that allows diversity to flourish. To achieve this we have developed simple analogous structures for AfriKids UK and AfriKids Ghana with clear synergies and processes.


In the UK we have three functions:



The fundraising team is responsible for generating all of our donor related income. This ranges from funding generated through large foundations such as the Big Lottery Fund right through to our valued regular supporters and from large events to schools assemblies. Equally they ensure that all donors receive detailed feedback on the impact of their funding and feel informed and appreciated.


Project monitoring and assistance with operational development

It is our responsibility (and our pleasure), to monitor every aspect of each project and to measure its outputs against the proposed aims and objectives. We also provide tailored managerial and operational assistance to the AfriKids Ghana Senior Management Team.


UK internal financial control and administration

As a small team with a big challenge we need ensure that we operate as efficiently as possible. As AfriKids is committed to operating in a transparent and ethical manner, effectively managing our UK operations from financial audits to paper purchase is a big challenge; our success at this underpins the entire AfriKids operation.