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"The experience was a real eye opener. I learnt that I can live for a week without any real possessions, that if you're tired enough you can sleep anywhere and that some of the things we hold most dear are really not all that important." 

Ann Pepper, Deutsche Bank

The Experience Challenge

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If you’re looking for a unique travelling experience that enables you to become immersed in another culture, rather than simply looking in, then the Experience Challenge may be for you. Through a homestay with a local family in rural northern Ghana, where AfriKids works, you’ll begin to understand the innovative and inspiring ways local people work to overcome the everyday challenges they face as individuals, as families and as communities. 


At AfriKids we pride ourselves on the level of feedback our supporters receive directly from Ghana. Equally, we're passionate about uniting our supporters with our projects, as well as the individuals and communities we work with. At AfriKids, we believe that this is really the only way to fully understand the unique nature of our work and the impact of the invaluable support we receive from people like you.

The Experience Challenge takes our accountability and transparency philosophy to an entirely new level, enabling you to literally live and breathe the lives of people AfriKids Ghana works with. Not only will you witness the breadth, depth and scale of AfriKids Ghana's work through project visits and interactions with project staff and beneficiaries, you'll see how our community development and capacity building work filters through to the thousands of communities in the Upper East Region, and how the society and economy of this region is transforming as a result.

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  • Jacky Williams on Experience Challenge Download

"Personally this was one of the greatest experiences I have ever been through, and all our colleagues [at A&O] who I met in Ghana during the challenge feel equally the same. Not only was this a great way for A&O's people to engage directly with AfriKids as a visible show of support, but it also more widely was a way to engage with the firm's CSR objectives."

Maurice Simon, Allen & Overy



Who can go?

The Experience Challenge is open to practically anyone and everyone; all that we ask is that you are willing to get truly stuck into local life.  Families, businesses and individuals from all walks of life have taken part in the Experience Challenge. 

What are the dates?

The challenge takes place each April and November. However, if a group of 10 or more individuals are keen to take part we can consider another time of year to accommodate you.

How long is the trip and what does it involve?

The Experience Challenge lasts one week. Guests arrive in Accra, Ghana’s Capital on Sunday and leave one week later (on the following Sunday).
 The trip involves a three day/night home stay with a local family and visits to a number of AfriKids’ child rights projects. Guests also have the opportunity to visit Bolgatanga’s market.

What are the costs?

The in-country cost to take part in the Experience Challenge is £700. This includes all domestic travel, accommodation and food and beverage. Your international flight, visa, vaccination and insurance costs are not included. We're completely transparent with what the trip costs include; to see a full cost breakdown please get in touch.

We ask for a £300 deposit upon registration to secure your place. The balance of £500 is due 28 days prior to departure.

How much do I need to fundraise?

The minimum fundraising target per person is £1,000. The challenge begins as soon as you sign up and we'll support you throughout, ensuring you have all the help and resources you need to meet the target. Once you register we'll send you a fundraising pack which includes all the guidance you need to begin fundraising; we'll then arrange a call or meeting with you to discuss your fundraising plan.

Before you leave for Ghana we'll tell you which project your fundraising will be directed to and will ensure that whilst in Ghana, you spend plenty of time getting to know that project, the individuals it supports and the impact it's having.

  • Working with businesses

  • The Experience Challenge is an innovative platform on which employees and teams can directly engage with your business’s human resource / CSR   objectives and strategies as well as, on a higher level, your organisation’s values and ethos. The shared emotional experience of collectively experiencing a new culture and directly learning from local people at the heart of AfriKids' work quite naturally unites people from all walks of life.

  • The Experience Challenge can be tailored to suit a variety of business or team objectives, whether that be:

·         Leadership
·         Learning Development
·         Team building
·         Exposure to microfinance or another aspect of AfriKids' work e.g. education
·         Or simply supporting employee fundraising

  If you’d like to find out more about the Experience for your business or team please get in touch. 

What if I have other questions?

You can download a copy of the Experience Challenge FAQs on this page. Alternatively, please contact Katie Arnold in the AfriKids (UK) London office on:

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7269 0750

Where can I read more?

  • For more information, see our new website:
    Download 'Postcards from Ghana' (challenger's accounts of their experiences) on this page.

  • Read Jacky Williams, a previous challenger's blog on her time in Ghana here.