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Our Programmes

AfriKids takes a holistic and integrated approach to development. We believe that in order to make real and lasting change to the child rights environment of northern Ghana, we need to work with all levels of society, across a range of sectors and issues. Our work ranges from large-scale, large-impact work in education, rights and advocacy to frontline services addressing  complex issues like child streetism, child labour and the Spirit Child Phenomenon.

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Child Protection

Preventing children in northern Ghana from suffering violence, abuse, neglect or exploitation by ensuring they have a home which is safe, loving and conducive to their wellbeing and development


Ensuring children and families in northern Ghana understand and value good health and wellbeing, and have access to quality healthcare facilities and services as needed



Ensuring children and communities in northern Ghana value, access and complete a good quality education which provides a platform to livelihood security


Rights and Advocacy

Ensuring the basic human rights of children are understood, valued and met by children and their communities in northern Ghana


Empowering parents in northern Ghana to meet the rights of their children by creating their own financial security and receiving family planning and care advice

Social Enterprise

Establishing responsible businesses in northern Ghana that create jobs, provide quality goods and services and generate profits to fund AfriKids' work