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What is International Development?

International Development can mean many things; it is an academic subject, a global industry and a catch all phrase for all forms of social and economic progress. For some it is a phrase which conjures up ideas of global solidarity between humanity, for others it raises the spectre of neo-colonialism or exploitation and corruption of a flawed aid system.

At AfriKids we see international development as the movement towards a more stable and prosperous world in which people are able to meet their basic needs and progress towards a brighter future. This process is made possible by systemic improvements to the economic, environmental and social ecosystems in poor parts of the world and the creation of a sense of ‘progress’ as it is defined by local populations.
AfriKids is in the business of delivering international development work through the creation of social enterprises and development programmes.  We have respect for International Development theory as well as Development Economics and the vast body of knowledge that has been created in international institutions since ‘International Development’ became a conscious field of study in the middle of the 20th century.
Our programme plans and strategic development are tested against theoretical constructs and academic research methods; both quantitative and qualitative, feed into our Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning processes. However, AfriKids was founded partly out of frustration with flaws in the mainstream aid industry and our guiding force was and always will be local knowledge and ideas based on first-hand experience.  

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