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UK Reg. Charity no: 1141028 Ghana Reg. Charity no: DSW/3024
Registered in The Netherlands. Tax no: 8238.13.289

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AfriKids Ghana

The AfriKids Ghana Head Office is a formidable collection of local development experts who have extensive knowledge of child rights, project management, finance, social development and microfinance.


The Head Office directly delivers AfriKids' core projects and monitors and provides support to partner projects, as well as driving the organisation's development, managing donor relations, providing micro-finance and training, developing sustainability projects, liaising with external stakeholders, and disseminating two support funds, the AfriKids medical and education funds.


AfriKids Ghana is a team of local experts in grass roots development, child welfare, education, accounting and IT some of whom began working with AfriKids through partner projects whilst others were openly recruited. All of the team have proven their commitment to child welfare time and again.


The AfriKids Ghana team are the lifeblood of the organisation, their main areas of activity are as follows:


  • To provide training and support to partner projects in areas which are vital to the successful operation, including budgeting and accounting, IT and contracting


  • To monitor and assess all AfriKids projects, delivery and accounting procedures through monthly visits and reports


  • To be AfriKids UK's main point of contact and bear ultimate responsibility to the International Director for the successful delivery of all projects and transparent use of the donors' money


  • To run outreach services for the community as a whole, currently including a free IT academy for middle school leavers, educational and vocational training scholarships and support for individuals with exceptional health needs


  • To develop initiatives which will stimulate the local economy, provide greater opportunities for young adults and generate an income for AfriKids Ghana


  • To launch and run projects where desperate needs are not already being met by a local group or NGO (these projects are known as AfriKids Core Projects). The need for these projects is often highlighted by work AfriKids' in partner projects and the two work closely alongside each other.