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Project Name: GAS Partnership

The GAS Partnership is an award-winning tripartite healthlink between Ghana Health Services (GHS), AfriKids and Southampton University Hospitals Foundation (UK) NHS Trust. The partnership provides skills sharing and continuous professional development for healthcare staff across five specialty areas: imaging and diagnotics, paediatrics, anasthaesia and surgery, maternal health and estates planning and management. The partnership provides operates across all seven hospitals that operate in Ghana's Upper East Region.

Project’s operational years: 2010 onwards

Project location: Mainly the Upper East Region across seven primary hospitals but with impact across the three northern regions
Number of primary beneficiaries: 250-500 per year

Nature of direct beneficiary support

 Healthcare workers receiving specialised training and support to become local trainers

Key funders

 The Wolfson Foundation, THET, fundraising by members of the G.A.S UK steering committee

Key impacts

 Improved capacity of healthcare workers in the following areas: maternity, paediatrics, theatres, diagnostics and estates

Project Summary

The G.A.S. Partnership is an exciting and pioneering linkage between a government agency (Ghana Health Service), an NGO (AfriKids) and an NHS trust (University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust). The purpose of the Partnership is to improve healthcare provision in the Upper East Region (UER) of Ghana, primarily through workforce strengthening and promoting skill sharing.
The two overarching goals of the Partnership are:
1.    To support GHS in their efforts to strengthen the healthcare system in the Upper East Region of Ghana through workforce capacity building
2.    To refresh and enhance the skills of University Hospital Southampton staff so that they can, in turn, provide better care to their patients
The Partnership responds to need, complementing not replicating services already offered in the Upper East Region of Ghana, enhancing the skills of the local medical professionals so they can make a lasting impact on their region. By raising the profile of healthcare in the UER, it is hoped more medical professionals will be attracted to the region, thus amplifying the positive effects seen. The G.A.S. Partnership has its own dedicated website. Please follow the link below to find out more:

This project falls under the following AfriKids Service Areas:

Child Protection
Rights and Advocacy
Social Enterprise and Business

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