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Project Name: Blue Sky Travel (BST)

Blue Sky Travel is an independent business established by AfriKids to promote responsible travel in Ghana and raise funds for AfriKids' child rights and community development projects.

For more information and to book trips to Ghana with AfriKids Blue Sky Travel, please contact Katie: [email protected] | (0044) 0207 269 0740

AfriKids Blue Sky Travel (BST) is AfriKids’ newest sustainability business, providing a variety of responsible tourism packages which seek to immerse guests in and promote the culture and heritage of Ghana’s beautiful Upper East Region (UER).


Funds raised through the locally owned and run BST are used to fund AfriKids Ghana’s child rights and community development initiatives, supporting AfriKids Ghana on its exciting journey towards sustainability.

BST has evolved very organically, from AfriKids' long history of coordinating donor and supporter trips to the UER to see the organisation's work on the ground. AfriKids has always been passionate about ensuring donors truly understand the impact of their support and witness the ways in which AfriKids’ work is transforming the child rights environment of the UER and setting a new standard for genuinely effective and sustainable development. While one of the poorest regions on earth, the UER is a culturally vibrant and dynamic part of Ghana, boasting unspolit landscapes, rich culture and heritage and an incredibly warm welcome from its famously friendly and inspirational people. BST immerses guests in this environment via a number of carefully developed responsible travel packages, responding to the growing demand of AfriKids-led trips to the UER and opportunity ethical travel presents for the region's economic growth. A particularly popular package with guests and locals alike is Experience Challenge; a truly immersive cultural exchange with a traditional family home stay.
At the heart of BST is the ICAP Training Centre, located in 23 acres of untouched savannah, overlooking the sacred Tongo Hills which have been nominated for UNESCO Protected Heritage Status. Home to the BST team, this is a bustling community hub including shower rooms, a restaurant and bar for BST guests and a large multi-purpose conference space for events including community workshops and training programmes, such as those organised by AfriKids' charity programmes. With the hospitality and tourism industry internationally recognised as one of the most significant growth areas for emerging economies, locally relevant training programmes run at the Training Centre present a huge opportunity to expand the limited formal employment market of Ghana’s UER. Local people are able to gain new industry skills and practical work experience, enhancing their employment opportunities and livelihood prospects, while raising hospitality standards across the region.

This project falls under the following AfriKids Service Areas:

Child Protection
Human Rights Advocacy

Social Enterprise and Business

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