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UK Reg. Charity no: 1141028 Ghana Reg. Charity no: DSW/3024
Registered in The Netherlands. Tax no: 8238.13.289

AfriKids Squared

What is AfriKids Squared?


AfriKids Squared is the consultancy arm of AfriKids (UK), providing a variety of bespoke services to individuals, companies and NGOs. Our staff in both the UK and Ghana are able to advise on everything from how to maximise corporate partnerships and major donor relationships, to programme delivery, monitoring and evaluation.


Because of the nature of AfriKids’ work and the organisation’s growth we understand how important it is to share information and learn from others. As we work towards the total sustainability of AfriKids Ghana we are committed to pass on lessons learned, spread methodologies that work and continue learning from others.


The income generated through AfriKids Squared goes towards supporting our child rights work in Ghana.


To find our more about AfriKids Squared, ask any questions you have or submit a request for support please contact us using the details below:


Telephone: +44 (0) 207 269 0740

Email: [email protected]