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AfriKids Medical Centre

The goal of the AfriKids Medical Centre is to raise income for the running of AfriKids Ghana and improve quality, range and access to medical care for the community in Bolgatanga.


The AfriKids Medical Centre, bought in 2006, is our first and fastest growing organisational sustainability project- with a 600% increase in patients from 2008 to 2010.  The centre's compound annual growth rate is 61.3% and it recorded a revenue of 2.2 million cedis in 2013, proving that enterprise in northern Ghana can work for both social and financial returns.


The Centre, which achieved Primary Hospital Status  in 2009 offers a combination of private and public healthcare through the Ghanaian government's National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) and treated over 65,000 outpatients in 2013. It is a good example of  how AfriKids takes a holistic approach to responding to need in the Upper East Region of Ghana, which has healthcare indicators lagging behind the rest of Ghana, with one in nine children currently dying before their fifth birthday.


In addition, the Medical Centre offers exceptional employment and training opportunities locally to over 85 permanent staff and 28 locum staff in the medical and caring professions.


Since 2006 many improvements have been made to the Medical Centre to meet the demands of its rapid growth, including investment in buildings and equipment; with 3 new wards built, as well as a Maternal Health Unit, and the appointment of key specialists.


Significant plans for the future have been agreed- with a five year strategy in place that will guide the development of the AfMC, helping it address the need for general high quality outpatient services as well as enabling the development of specialist services for women and children.


The AfriKids Medical Centre is the lifeblood of AfriKids in Bolgatanga, it is an institution the organisation’s 160 strong staff are immensely proud of, making a positive impact on the healthcare, lives and livelihoods of a very poor region. It was also the work of the AfriKids Medical Centre that first triggered AfriKids to develop the GAS Partnership with the Ghana Health Service and Southampton Hospital which aims to build the capacity of the region's healthcare workforce through training and equipment donations.